Travel the Dominican Republic: organize your own road trip of 4 days or more

Check out this easy DIY road trip planner and travel the Dominican Republic by way of this comprehensive circuit that loops around the center of the country. Plan a trip for as little as four days – or take as long as you like. You will:

  • visit three distinct regions that combine for an ideal mix of beach-ocean, mountain-nature and city-life experiences.
  • take three scenic road trips between the regions, with each day’s travel never longer than four hours by car or bus. This means no driving at night and plenty of daylight time to stop and start and explore along the way.
  • find lots of flexibility in trip planning:
    • Five international airports provide a great variety of flight and gateway options. You can start your trip at any of these gateways
    • You can do the loop clockwise or counter-clockwise.
    • You can stay in any type of lodging, from hostel to luxe.
    • We recommend you do this by car but you can also do it easily by bus

Did you know: many people make the mistake of thinking they can see the entire Dominican Republic in a few days. Not true: the Island of Hispaniola is actually ten times bigger than most Caribbean islands. We have mapped this loop (below) to help you avoid the travel hassles that come from making that mistake.

How to use this map:

  • Click to the Google map below and take the time to familiarize yourself with the map and all its contents. Three flag icons on the map provide an overview of the recommended regions
  •  The map provides a path, not a whole lot of sightseeing information. You should invest in a Lonely Planet Guide or Rough Guide to dig deeper. You can also do Google searches to learn more about each region: use Google’s Images option to dig deeper into pictures that attract you.
  • Then start shopping for flight options and figure out which airport gateway is best for you.
  • Then decide on your mode of travel; car rental, bus, public, etc.
  • Then decide on your lodging options
  • Christmas to Easter is high season: you will need to plan more precisely to ensure your accommodations.
  • Easter to Christmas is low season: you don’t even have to plan much. Just book the first night’s hotel close to your gateway airport and take from there, day by day.

This route is far from exhaustive but it does promise to cover the full gamut of Dominican culture, history, nature, food, sporting activities and entertainment. Needless to say, if one region catches your eye—forget the loop, just stop and enjoy!


About us: We own and operate Tubagua Ecolodge located in the north central mountains near Puerto Plata. We made this map to help our guests and now we’re sharing it with anyone who is looking for something more than a resort vacation. If you can, try to fit Tubagua Ecolodge in to your plans.

Important: before zooming in on the map, click through the icons in the water above the island for some introductory tips

Now, go to the map! Happy travels!